NES Donkey Kong Classics - 1988
NES Donkey Kong Classics - 1988
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The Donkey Kong Classics is a pack of two Donkey Kong successes; one is the Donkey Kong and the other its sequel, Donkey Kong Jr. This compilation is basically developed for Nintendo platform. Direct Mario while playing Donkey Kong in this NES game to rescue his damsel-in-distress, Pauline. Whereas, while playing Donkey Kong Jr. you will need to control Jr. so that he can rescue his father who is captured by Mario. Play this Nintendo video game alone or two of you can play it simultaneously for a fun-filled experience. Choose from Game A or B to select the difficulty levels. The Challenging puzzles and multiple stages keep you glued to this Donkey Kong game for hours. Beginner or professional, the Donkey Kong Classics is suitable for everyone.

Publisher Nintendo
Game Donkey Kong Classics
UPC 45496630423

Key Features
Platform Nintendo

Tech Details
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1988
Game Series 10
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