1981 Milton Bradley Bargain Hunter Board Game Complete
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Publisher: Milton Bradley
Year Published: 1981
Number of Players: 2 - 4

Are you ready to test your inflation-fighting skills in the marketplace? Bargain Hunter challenges you to furnish an apartment (complete with two different pets) in the most economical fashion possible. Starting out with $1000 in cash, you move your pawn along the path visiting Furniture Stores, Department Stores and the Pet Shop to buy specified items on your shopping list. Be on the look-out for sales and lottery prizes. But watch out for whopping big auto repairs, interest due spaces or steep restaurant tabs...They can really take a bite out of your budget! If you do run low on cash, use your plastic credit card which allows you to charge up to 1000 $. Complete your shopping list first *and* owe nothing on your charge account and you'll win the game.
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