Sega Genesis NHLPA Hockey \'93 Complete in Box - 1992
Sega Genesis NHLPA Hockey '93 Complete in Box - 1992
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Professional hockey comes to the Sega Genesis in NHLPA HOCKEY 93. More than 500 professional players with complete statistics have been included. When you strap on the skates, an aggressive computer AI plays tough defense and makes big hits. Now, the goalies are more intelligent and make dives and lunges to stop tough shots. While you are going through the season, you will have to adjust and try to survive the injuries that occur during the season. Prepare for hard-hitting action in NHLPA HOCKEY 93.

Publisher Electronic Arts
Game NHLPA Hockey '93
UPC 0014633071412

Key Features
Platform Sega Genesis

Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad
Number of Players 1-2
Release Year 1992

Game Special Features
500 NHL players; complete statistic; new aggressive AI; more intelligent goalies; player injuries
Also Available In This Platforms Sega Master System, Super Nintendo
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