Sega Genesis Fatal Rewind (The Killing Game Show) - 1991
Sega Genesis Fatal Rewind (The Killing Game Show) - 1991
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Forget about fabulous prizes and big money. On the gameshow FATAL REWIND, you're playing for the ultimate prize your life! You're dropped into a dangerous world of Artificial Life Forms, dangerous acid pools, and tons of booby traps, but you do have a special armored suit that can be upgraded and augmented by items you'll find scattered throughout this strange world. The 12 levels of life-threatening action will challenge your running, jumping, climbing, and shooting skills. When you die, the computer does a Fatal Rewind, and replays your adventure until you decide to jump back in and change the course of the game. With three difficulty levels Hard, Harder, and Hardest you'll have your hands on the most brutal gameshow in the history of TV!

Publisher Electronic Arts
Game Fatal Rewind (The Killing Game Show)
UPC 014633070927

Key Features
Platform Sega Genesis

Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad
Number of Players 2
Release Year 1991

Game Special Features
Three difficulty levels; 12 levels of action; more than a dozen weapons to use; one or two players; TV's most brutal gameshow Game Series Fatal
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