Intellivision New Atlantis in Box - 1982
Intellivision New Atlantis in Box - 1982
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Intellivision New Atlantis in Box

The fabled underwater city of Atlantis is under attack by its age-old enemies, the Gorgons. General Tarrick, Imperial Commander of all Atlantean forces, sighs as fleet after fleet of enemy vessels fill the sky. After issuing a Red Alert the commander mobilizes every citizen on emergency standby. Three defense installations guard the skies over the Domed Palace, the Imperial Quarter, and the rest of the jeweled metropolis. It is your job to operate these defense installations and keep Atlantis from becoming a watery grave.

One anti-aircraft gun is positioned at each sentry post on either side of the city. You can aim the sites of each gun and blast the Squid Bombers, Spider Fighters, Astro Orbiters, Spar Modules, and other Gorgon ships out of the sky. For a more powerful attack, you can let loose with a Sentinel Saucer, which must be launched from the center of Atlantis. You should be careful, though, and land the saucer before your fuel supply runs out.

The action in Atlantis takes place throughout the day and on into the night. After darkness has fallen, you can only see the enemies as they pass through the beams of your searchlights. The game ends when you die or when Atlantis has been destroyed. Whether playing the game by yourself or alternating with a friend, your ultimate goal is to rack up as many points as you can.

Key Features
Platform Intellivision

Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1-2
Release Year 1982
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