Intellivision Burgertime New Sealed in Box - 1983
Intellivision Burgertime New Sealed in Box - 1983
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Intellivision Burgertime

BurgerTime, one of the few arcade-licensed games developed by Mattel, puts you in the role of Peter Pepper, a chef. The food has come alive and is now after you. Pickles, eggs, and hot dogs are trying to get you, but you have other ideas.

Using a shaker of pepper you can temporarily freeze enemies in their tracks, but your primary objective is to trap the various foods in the burgers. The playfield is set up with ladders and platforms; hamburger parts are spread out on the platforms. The top and bottom of each burger consists of a bun. In the middle platforms you'll find lettuce, meat patties, and tomatoes. Running across the entire length of a hamburger part will drop it a level and cause each part of the burger beneath it to fall down to the next platform.

Unlike the temporary freeze effect of the pepper, if an enemy gets trapped on or between falling hamburger parts, it will be eliminated. To add to your arsenal of pepper, you can (occasionally) gobble up ice cream, coffee, ketchup, or French fries, depending on which level you are on.

Your ultimate goal in BurgerTime is to walk over enough hamburger parts to build every hamburger on the screen. After seven levels, the game begins repeating itself.

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Key Features
Platform Intellivision

Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Release Year 1983 Game Series

BurgerTime Series
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